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Greg is Leland Hayward

Admiral Vermeer from CRONUS

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Gregory North - Reel


South Coast Rep

KIA President’s Day Sale

Millard Fillmore Spot


As John Barrymore in BARRYMORE

With Peter Van Norden in KING CHARLES III


Rev. Moore in FOOTLOOSE

With Hannah Kornfeld in


With Tim Cummings in


With Elaine Rivkin in MARJORIE PRIME

With Cyd Charisse in GRAND HOTEL

Gen. Schmitz in SEUSSICAL

With Carolanne Marano in SOUTH PACIFIC

Mr. Bennet


With Alfred Molina

during RED

With Jim Leaming in WHO AM I THIS TIME?

With Sting on THE LAST SHIP

On the barricade in LES MISERABLES


The cast of LEAVING IOWA

Capt. Hook in PETER PAN

With Nicole Parker in FUNNY GIRL

 “Direct from the age of black-and-white television, Reginald Rose's "12 Angry Men" has been redeployed to confront the issue of race relations.  Juror Three (Gregory North), the bully with the explosive temper, could be appearing in the original broadcast...”

    Charles McNulty - Los Angeles Times

“I really wanted to give bickering daddies North and Waara a big ol' bear hug for being so effortlessly delightful, too.”

    Michael L. Quintos – Broadway World

“North’s piercing gaze, bright smile and regal bearing embody Barrymore’s gallant manner, alcoholic tremors and impulsiveness. This production fares better than the 1998 Broadway tour’s ill-fated visit … That production starred Christopher Plummer...”

    Sacramento News & Review - Jeff Hudson

Gregory North vibrates alpha male as the one person most deeply convicted of the boy’s guilt.  Certainly it is worth the watching, the acting is so very good.”

    Frances Baum Nicholson - Stage Struck Review

“North brings a John Cleese–like flavor to the clueless, dithering, cheerfully loopy Frank.” - Critic’s Pick!

    Eric Marchese – BackStage

“Gregory North as General Genghis Khan Schmitz does an admirable job of portraying the kind of blustering British military brass that John Cleese so famously parodied.”

     Elise Thompson - The LA Beat

As the two doting fathers, North and Waara are hilarious in their singing and especially their choreography; these guys can dance!  North’s Hucklebee is like an anal-retentive American version of John Cleese…

    Peter A. Balaskas – Splash Magazine

“Gregory North, as the staid Mr. Darling, and later the egregiously wicked Captain Hook, captures the comic essence of both roles which occasionally allow his fine singing voice to soar.”

    Rita Moran — Ventura County Star        

“Gregory North’s Hook is this production’s other gem.  Big, garrulous and bursting with self-regard, North’s Hook also conveys a subtext that some actors don’t: this pirate is really a frustrated actor.  When Hook commands his motley crew to give him a song, it’s because he really loves to perform.  North’s plummy, operatic voice and Gleason-like grace are the perfect qualities for such a peacock.

North also plays Mr. Darling, the father of the three children abducted by Peter, with just a hint of Hook’s overly developed sense of drama – a nice touch, since Barrie’s story is full of subtle parallels between the Darlings’ world and Neverland.”

    Paul Hodgins - Orange County Register

“North is blustery perfection as war-crazy General Genghis Khan Schmitz...”

    Steven Stanley - StageSceneLA

“Gregory North portrays her husband, Jon, the even-tempered, sensible one. He delivers a well-modulated performance. His expert handling of pages of non-stop dialogue helps to move the play along at a comfortable pace.”

    Larry Steckling – San Diego Reader

“…her protective, big-hearted son-in-law, Jon

(a warm and sincere Gregory North)”

    Pam Kragen – San Diego Union-Tribune

 "Greg Zerkle's watery director could have walked off Hart's pages..."

    David C. Nichols - Los Angeles Times

“Greg North, as dashing French widower Emile de Becque, sings soaring ballads such as "This Nearly Was Mine" magnificently, and his heartfelt characterization is embellished with surprising flashes of wit.”

    Les Spindle - Backstage

"Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., of course, isn’t known for his warmth, but Gregory North allows the show-biz legend’s affection for Fanny to shine through his imposing façade."

    Eric Marchese - Orange County Register

“Greg Zerkle… is a mighty Enjolras, the single-minded leader of the revolutionaries, whose strong, straightforward delivery of the anthem ''Do You Hear the People Sing?'' hits the theater like a rush of blood to the heart.”

    Elizabeth Maupin -  Orlando Sentinel 

“North does such a good job differentiating between these two characters that when Tito was onstage with everyone at one point late in the play, I kept waiting for Beppo to join them.

 “Life is full of surprises; the trick is to be patient,” Beppo tells us, but you don’t have to wait very long to share in the laugh-filled surprises of this production. It will help you forget the troubles of an anxiety-filled world — at least for a couple of hours.”

    Barbara M. Bannon – Salt Lake Tribune

“Gregory North deserves particular praise. Portraying multiple characters in a show is never an easy task, but doing so in a farce with those characters barely missing each other and entering from opposite sides of the stage in different costumes makes for one of the greatest experiences as an audience member: how will they do it? 

In reality, there is not a weak actor in this cast. A farce like this requires a strong cast and this cast certainly exceeds that expectation. I was particularly impressed with the singing quality of the three tenors. The “Brindisi” from La Traviata is not a particularly easy piece to sing, and the three of them, Gregory North, Hansel Tan, and Storm Lineberger handled the piece with great skill.”

    Tony Porter - UTBA

“North’s bombastically enthusiastic dad ultimately breaks your heart…”

    F. Kathleen Foley – Los Angeles Times

“…I especially loved the Mathemagician. I loved how he was acting just like the book. I think that was very creative of him.”

    Dante Cabajal - Heritage Intermediate School

“It's North's portrayal of the family patriarch, though, that will stay with you.  He creates an instantly recognizable "regular dad" archetype: a penny pincher and schedule minder, a petty tyrant with a soft heart, a man who thinks he's in control but is often bested by his manipulative family.  North goes beyond what the role requires in the silent scenes, when dad hovers ghostlike on the margins as Don appeals to his ghost. North's gaze speaks volumes to anyone who has mid-life regrets about their departed parents.  It says, "I know you loved me. Be happy.  Move on with your life." That's a message worth taking home after the lights come up.”

    Paul Hodgins – Orange County Register

“Yet attention must also be paid to the art of acting. Greg Zerkle, Moore's co-star as the almost massive retired navy captain, Georg von Trapp, is the most astonishing example… the widower seems at first merely a martinet, almost a cartoon. But when Maria's instinctive defiance blows him out of the water, his very look changes as well as his mind. He actually looks like a different person. Did Ball know Zerkle could do that? Remarkable.”

    William Glackin – Sacramento Bee


Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 240

Hair: Brown/Grey

Eyes: Blue


DIALECTS:   British • Cockney • Russian • Scottish • Irish • German • French • Italian • Southern • Maine • New York

RANGE:          Baritone/Tenor                INSTRUMENTS:   Trumpet • Harmonica              DANCE:   Ballroom


MFA:  University of Washington, Seattle under Robert Hobbs     IMPROV:  Second City    VOICE:  Reid Bruton / Kevin Owers                 



He was born Greg Zerkle behind the Cheddar Curtain in a tiny Wisconsin town where no one knew anyone in show business. While other kids had lemonade stands, he put on a magic act. They wrote book reports - he wrote and directed his own one-boy show. He performed in plays in high school and musicals in community theatre. Greg’s supportive parents always said, “You can be anything!” Much to their surprise, he chose actor.

After earning his Master of Fine Arts in Acting through the intense conservatory training of the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Washington under Robert Hobbs, he  and moved to NYC to begin working.  He’s played over one hundred roles on Broadway,  National Tours and regional theatres - from The Kennedy Center to The Hollywood Bowl - often cast as royalty , military men and other tall guys in charge of stuff.

As Juror #3 in 12 ANGRY MEN

at the Pasadena Playhouse

He made his Broadway debut in the original Into the Woods with Bernadette Peters. He was Archibald Craven in The Secret Garden - standing by for Mandy Patinkin, Tony Randall's nephew in A Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden, John Rubinstein’s friend in the pre-Broadway Kiss of the Spider Woman directed by Hal Prince and starred as Broadway’s final Baron in Grand Hotel opposite the legendary,Cyd Charisse. He’s toured in Phantom, Les Miz, Footloose and Show Boat and worked on the development of The Scarlet Pimpernel, Rock of Ages and Sting’s musical, The Last Ship.

Equally at home in drama, comedy, contemporary plays, musicals, classics and Shakespeare - Greg is privileged to have worked with lots of talented artists, played some wonderful roles, garnered critical praise and overheard a few supportive remarks in the lobby.

He’s having a swell time.

Since moving to Los Angeles a few years ago and becoming Gregory North, his appearances on TV and in Film have included: 

In Good Company, Zombie Prom, Elizabethtown, ER, Frasier, The District, It's All Relative, Malcolm In The Middle, Bernie Mac, Ally McBeal, Judging Amy, Law & Order, General Hospital, How To Get Away With Murder, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, the voices of many characters on the animated series, Astroboy, and the Stephen King mini-series 11.22.63 for Hulu and J.J. Abrams.

A proud member of Actors Equity Association, Greg is an Eagle Scout, an alumni of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a coffee drinker, a persistent golfer and an accomplished director. He’s fortunate to be happily married to his favorite leading lady, Cynthia Marty.


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